14 Easy DIY Plastic Bottle Projects

Plastic bottles are something that you will definitely see in your house, some might be new while others might be old. You might be thinking about throwing away these bottles, however a better solution would be to reuse them. Keep in mind that reuse and recycle are very different terms, but both have advantages. Plastic bottles can be used for many different purposes and you will be amazed by the number of possibilities. If you like the idea of reusing plastic bottles then here you will find some easy and interesting DIY plastic bottle projects.

Vertical Garden
If you have a large empty wall and do not know what to do with it, then you can use plastic bottles for this purpose. This particular DIY plastic bottles project is easy but time taking and is only for those who like to grow plants. You can use plastic bottles as plant containers and hang them from a wall, this will create a rather beautiful view.

Another great way to use old plastic bottles is to make a simple chandelier. To make a plastic bottle chandelier, all you need is the bottom part of the bottles. Stick them together and place a light bulb in the middle, your chandelier will be ready.

Another great DIY plastic bottle project is to make beautiful planters using bottles. Making this is very simple, all you need to do is cut the bottle deep enough for a plant and then make beautiful designs and patterns on the outside of the. These planters look very beautiful and would make a fine addition to a home.

These were few DIY plastic bottle projects that will look really nice. If you like these ideas and want to make more such things, then you can find a wide array of ideas on the internet.