18 Diy Projects Using Pebbles

Just like seashells, pebbles and stones can also be used for different DIY projects. The DIY projects using pebbles are numerous and to do justice with this topic an entire book has to be written. Another interesting thing about DIY projects using pebbles is that it is an unending ocean as daily people come up with new and exceptional ideas. There are no set of rules as far as DIY projects using pebbles is concerned. If you are a creative person then you can come up with several DIY projects using pebbles. However if you are not a creative person then for you we are listing some of the ideas. You can apply the below mentioned ideas as they will be very much helpful for you.

  • You can develop a rain chain for yourself as it can turn out to be a great idea. The concept is very much in and has been applied by many.
  • You can develop a few stone houses and place them as if they are a part of a village.
  • You can develop a tray containing various pebbles and on this tray you can place your boots
  • You can develop drawer pulls from your favorite pebbles. You can find the pebbles very easily.
  • You can convert your stones into something funny like sugar skulls; you can use various colors and decorations in this regard.
  • Through pebbles and stones you can develop a bird house as well
  • You can also develop stone pendants which are wire wrapped.
  • A very simple idea is to paint the pebbles and place them anywhere you deem fit.
  • You must have an idea about knotted necklace; well such a necklace can be further beautified by the usage of pebbles or stones.

These were some of the most attractive ideas as far as DIY projects using pebbles

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