18 Fire Pit Ideas For Your Backyard

Imagine a winter’s cold, dark and foggy night with stars shinning brightly over you while you sitting on your house backyard garden surrounded by nature’s beauty, barbequing and gossiping with your friends. Doesn’t it Sounds interesting? Well, honestly it just can not get better than this. But a small sized fire pit would add to the fun and would provide a bit warmer experience. A fire pit is becoming an essential garden item as works as a safer version of gas heater and provides a bon fire experience too. One should consider placing a fire pit in his garden as it also adds to the beauty of your garden.

People generally doesn’t consider placing a fire put in the garden while decorating it. An antique style outdoor fire pit made of bricks or a metal-y version of an outdoor fire pit would be ideal. People usually don’t have much idea about fire pits for gardens so it makes a challenging job for most of them. Here are some of Fire pit ideas for garden:

  1. An square underground fire mid made of soil and bricks and the area surrounded by chairs for a warmer experience
  2. A round fire pit made of concrete and surrounded by pebbles to give it a more classy look.
  3. A metal container filled with wood and can be placed between the sitting area or can be moved from one place to another.
  4. Give it a traditional look by placing woods in a steel container and enjoy the ready made bon fire experience.

A fire pit can be made at home by just taking an appropriate fire resistant container and filling with woods, pebbles or Soil that catches fire and cover the area with rocks and bricks. These ideas are better suited for Fire pits to be made especially for gardens. So prepare your own exquisite fire pit before winters.