19 Beautiful DIY Wall Clock Ideas

Clocks are one of those gadgets that have been used by man for a very long time, it is an instrument that has allowed mankind to plan their days and keep track of time. They are still used and can be found in almost every household. Clocks make great decorative items too, however everyone knows that the best way to decorate a house is to do it with a touch of personalization. Making clocks is a fun job, here you will find some of the best DIY wall clock ideas.

Color Block Clock

Making this kind of wall clock is very simple, all you need is a round block of wood and a clock mechanism. You have to them color half of the block in your favorite color and once it is dry attach the clock mechanism. This type of clock looks very beautiful on any wall.

Mountain-Shaped Clock

Another wall clock that would decorate your wall in the best way is a clock that is shaped like mountain. For this you need to cut wood in perfect triangles and attach them together. Then all you need to do is add the clock mechanism and you will be good to go.

Rustic Wall Clock

One of the best DIY wall clock idea that you can find is a wooden rustic plank clock. For this type of clock you need several rustic colored wooden planks, then you have to place the numbers and clock mechanism on it. It is easy to make and looks very attractive.

These were only some of the DIY wall clock ideas that you can find. If you are interested in making these clocks then you can find a lot more ideas. Making these clocks is fun and you will certainly be pleased with the finished product.