Choosing Green kitchen design ideas

If you are looking for a cool kitchen option then why don`t you turn your kitchen green? This is seriously a great idea. You can definitely enjoy your cooking when you are seeing green color around you. There are different green kitchen design ideas and shades from which you can choose the best one as per your liking and requirements.

Grey Green
If you are looking for a delicate touch and change to your kitchen then you can easily achieve this by painting dark green and grey colors. This will surely add some new colors to your kitchen but it will feel neutral.

Add Brass
If you are looking to give your kitchen a look that will make everyone envious then this is your option. You can paint your kitchen green, and pair it with white and brass. It will surely looks the sexiest kitchen ever.

Jewel Toned
Another green kitchen design idea is to use jewel toned shade. You can go for emerald and it will do wonders. You can mix it with gold accents and you don`t have to do anything else. This will make your kitchen look appealing to your guests.

Green Fake Out
If you are not in a position to paint your kitchen green, then don`t worry. There is another option of doing fake green. This means that you can paint your breakfast corner green, and place a green rug there with few green plants in your kitchen. It will have a natural as well as fantastic green feeling.

Paint your Cabinets
If you cannot paint your whole kitchen, then you can easily create a fresh feeling from your kitchen by painting the cabinets green. This will not cost you a lot but will have a great impact especially if you have white kitchen walls.