DIY shutter shelf ideas

DIY shutter shelf ideas

Having an old shutter at home which you think is of no use and wanted to throw away is a big mistake you are going to commit. If you have little interest in DIY activities and now how to use small tools and material then you can use this old shutter to make different new things. You can make DIY shutter shelf for your home where you can place different decorative items. For this following is the list of essential material required for constructing new shutter shelf.

  • Pipes
  • Flanges
  • Pipe caps
  • drill
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Screws

First of all you should paint all sides of your wood shutter to give it a new look. You have to do 2 coats of paint for better result. Then you have to cut the pipes as per your required lengths. You should cut two pipes for legs of your shelf stand and 3 to 4 pipes that can serve as poles between shelves.

Further you require having screw cap on one end of each pipe and the other end should be screwed to metal flange. To construct legs of your shelve stand you need to drill the end of metal flange which are attached to pipes and screw these for permanent support. Now at the end you should attach the pipes with shutter top by using screwing flanges to wood. This will make you different shelves as per your requirement.

So this is the simple way of making DIY shutter shelf for use in your house. You can make as many shutter shelves as you want. The good thing is that this is a creative fun activity that you can easily complete on weekends. So if you have a spare shutter don`t hesitate to start this project. Good luck!